Call to Me

Art provided by a brother of mine, Stanley. Referring to being the light in this dark world. (Matthew 5:14-16)

Behind the lyrics:

Call to Me and I will answer you and I will tell you great and mighty things that you do not even know.
Jeremiah 33:3
All things are possible for him who believes.
Mark 9:23

I learned these verses, in this order, several years back. I’ve often found myself repeating them to myself and being amazed at the faithfulness of my Father.

The verses of the song are primarily based on Matthew 24, which highlights the return of Jesus Christ. It will be an amazing day…

I’d also like to share a second song that I uploaded a few months back but didn’t officially share. It originally started out as a prayer for my younger brother but is much more than that for me now…

It has really encouraged me these days.