Here Comes The Lion

It’s been 12 months since I shared a song the Lord has given me…
18 months ago, Young Thunder was born…
Sometime between then and now a whole bunch of things came up.
We moved.
My microphone broke.
I became nitpicky about the sound quality of various recordings.
It seemed like it was never quiet enough for me to record anything…
The list goes on and on…


But the real reason I stopped writing and sharing my songs was because I always told the children that listened to my music that I only share songs that are true in my life. I wanted them to understand that there was nothing special about hitting record and rhyming some words together if they weren’t actually true. I wanted to be an example of what it meant to walk daily with Christ. And somewhere inbetween the last 12 to 18 months, the life of victory that I sing about was not real in my life… So I stopped. And there were times when I wondered when I’d ever share about how the Lord was presently helping me…


To put it simply, I lost my rest… And I was mad. Because I felt like I had the formula to get it back, I just wasn’t trying hard enough.
If I could only get some time to myself. Stay up late and pray all night. Never give up until the Lord sees how sincere I am to experience eternal life in Him…


I was so frustrated because I saw the change in my heart. Things that never used to bother me. All of a sudden bothered me. Everytime I tried to write or pray… The only thing I had was “I’m exhausted…. Father just help me… I’m so tired… I can’t focus… I need sleep….”


But victory never came… the day would start and finish and I could tell that I was missing out on the grace available to me…


This desire kept swelling up in me… I kept telling myself. JUST DO IT. JUST GET ALONE WITH GOD AND MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY CLEAR YOU WANT HIM!


Jojo Mcdonald always says “Uncle Will, can you do the stuff?”
And that’s how I was treating my walk with God. Nothing specific… If I could just do all the stuff, He’d help me get back and go further with Him!


Then this morning I was listening to a Ravenhill sermon and he said, “The reason we don’t have revival is because we won’t pay the price for it.”




For so long I was trying to “pay the price” for the deeper relationship with God that I wanted… and all I kept manufacturing was frustration because I was missing the most important thing…


And I just prayed… “God I am going to just believe that You will bring me deeper… There’s nothing I can do… Just give me the faith to believe that You’ve done it…”


And right there! The song that I’m sharing today, the lyrics were immediately true in my life… And I was able to sing them with joy in my heart. And I’m able to share them today and say with confidence that by faith, God gave me victory over unbelief today!


For anyone who listens, I hope the song encourages you that our Father will never let you down! Trust in Him! Pray for faith and marvel as the Holy Spirit fills you with far more than you can ask or think!


A bit of explanations before listening:
  • Miyamoto Musashi was an undefeated samurai. So when I mention him, it means when it comes to defeating my sin, God has never lost. (BTW, I accidentally typoed his name in the lyrics below.)
  • Nants ingonyama bagithi baba is Swahili for “Here comes the lion.” Meaning, when I’m in a trial I should shout for God to come help. It’s a phrase made famous from the Disney movie, “The Lion King.”
  • A tesseract is a theoretical 4-dimensional cube. I use it to explain how the Holy Spirit surrounds me on every corner. Life as we know it can only be experienced in 3 dimensions. So I’m saying that even in the areas I can’t understand or see, the Holy Spirit is making me like Christ, for the glory of God.