Joy in Christ


I’m ECSTATIC to share a song written by one of our very own, J Utley! (SOMEBODY GET THAT MAN A TURBAN!) (Zechariah 3:5)

He wrote this months ago, but each time I considered putting it to music, I didn’t have a melody or cadence I was pleased it. And then one day, BA BOOM!

As Pauline and I have sung this song all week long, I’ve been encouraged to see how the Holy Spirit faithfully unites our body and the faith behind the lyrics is pervasive throughout our NCCF brothers and sisters! What a beautiful family in Christ!

I’ve also been repeatedly blessed to consider our Father, holding us in His arms, and singing “I’ve found my joy in you!” Imaging Him singing with the same joy He has in Christ. It’s amazing to me… What a loving Father!!

SET it as your alarm & ringtones!
SING it with your children and on your commute and at work!!
KARAOKE it with your tweenagers, threenagers, & teenagers!
DANCE! SING! WORSHIP! Thankful for the amazing love of our Father!
PRAY and seek Him with your whole heart and be blessed today as He SURPRISES and completely fills your heart with His WONDER and JOY!!