The Gospel Is Attractive! – He’s not left me

How the Holy Spirit helped me today!

This week, the Holy Spirit showed me something brand new!

  1. My body is the temple of God. (1 Cor 6:19)
  2. The Holy Spirit lives in my body, which is the temple of God (Rom 8:9)
  3. Jesus cleaned out everything that was unclean from the temple (John 2:13-17)

I’ve known each of those points intellectually, but I didn’t live my life with the crystal clear confidence that the same way Jesus drove out everything unclean in His temple is the same that I should respond to anything in my life that does not give God my absolute best (click for context). I understood that I should give God my absolute best, but I didn’t realize the example of Jesus cleaning the temple with such fury is the same attitude I should be proud to copy, even if my mind tries to tell me it is overzealous.

So! About This Attractive Gospel!

Each day that goes by, I’m becoming more eager to share the amazing promises found in Christ! I’ve seen God accomplish the impossible in my life and the miracle of Christ being spiritually born in me, the same way He was physically born through a virgin. As a result, the frame of mind I go into each day is drastically different than before. I’m no longer interested in being able to “argue my point” or charismatically convince someone to believe in God. There is only a sincere hope that what God did and continues to do for me, anyone can experience! Praise God that there is absolutely nothing that compares to the joy found in Him!

I hope to encourage you to also freely and joyfully point to Christ and the marvelous riches in Him! (Rom 1:16-17)

About the song:

Last week, I shared from the first chapter of Philippians where Paul said that it was his “earnest expectation and hope that in nothing he be ashamed” (Phil 1:20). This week, the phrase “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit” was on my mind each day. I actually didn’t realize until just now that it was in the very next chapter (Phil 2:3-4). I was hoping that I would be able to share a song that highlighted not doing things out of selfishness.

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting the Utley family, and one of their daughters played a really cool melody on the piano.

Earlier this week, their dad, texted me super early in the am whispering lyrics that he imagined would be “sang by a gospel choir.” ?

I didn’t have the gospel choir but took his daughter’s melody, his lyrics, and a recent blog article he wrote that also highlights Philippians 2. (“Replace Complaints With God’s Word”)

For me, sharing a song with a melody I didn’t come up with and lyrics I didn’t write is definitely an answered prayer to following “do nothing out of selfish ambition.”

Y’all know I’m a Tua Tagovailoa fan, so I dub this song, “The Utley Anthem, AKA TUA” ?

William & Pauline - Visiting Areopagus Hill (Mars Hill), from Acts 17:16-33
William & Pauline – Visiting Areopagus Hill (Mars Hill), from Acts 17:19-33

And they took him and brought him to the Areopagus, saying, “May we know what this new teaching is which you are proclaiming? Acts 17:19


He’s not left me
I won’t be afraid
He is with me
So I praise His name

Do all things without grumbling or disputing; so that you will prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world. – Philippians 2:14-15

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. – Philippians 2:3-4

Thank you Lord for revealing Your love.
Help me Father to hold true to Your Word.
Help me bear fruit. Help me abide. Yes, bring complete victory.
Not partially, I want a full victory.

Lord write Your word all over my heart.
Overflowing Spirit shed abroad in my heart.
And with Your help, I know You can. You’ll take me out of the dark.
Come Lord and replace this stone heart.

I can’t help but to shout and to sing!
You saved me Lord so abundantly!
I worship You. All praise to You. My mighty Savior King.
All of Your creation joining to sing.

He’s not left me
I won’t be afraid
He is with me
So I praise His name

Things that encouraged me this week:

Natural devotion may be enough to attract us to Jesus, to make us feel His irresistible charm, but it will never make us disciples. Natural devotion will deny Jesus, always falling short of what it means to truly follow Him. – Oswald Chambers

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