Your Wilderness | Luke 4

Behind the lyrics:

The way God answers prayer is really amazing.

It’s like He puts a desire in our heart, and then we have the option to grab hold “according to our faith.” And when we do that and patiently wait on Him, He does something “far more than we could have asked or thought.”

A few months back, I was seeking the Lord and I felt that He was calling me “to the wilderness” to grow closer to Him. It may have seemed like “a nesting response” since my wife and I are having a son soon… But look at what God did.

I was confident that this was the will of God, even though I didn’t practically know what was next. I went to my wife and told her that once our son was born, we needed to seek the Lord, together, away from all distractions, “in the wilderness.” I even spoke publically about it in my church. As the pregnancy moved forward, someone I knew from middle school, who I have not spoken to, since middle school, shared a Facebook post about this book that he wrote: “In the Desert with Jesus”

In the Desert with Jesus: A 40-Day Devotional Guide

Now that’s crazy. I kind of knew through Facebook that He was a Christian. In school, he was one of the smartest kids I’d ever met. Even in middle school, he was one of those students who you just knew was gifted with an unusual level of intelligence. But what’s crazier than all of that, is that God led me to a book, that was written by someone I knew but had not spoken to in decades. Further, the Holy Spirit has spoken to my heart each time I’ve read one of the chapters.

When I initially set myself to go “into the wilderness” I had no idea how God would answer, but so far, He’s down an amazing work strengthening my faith day by day as He prepares me for whatever will bring Him glory.